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Skin Cafe 100% Pure Castor Oil


  • 120ml
  • Hair development is ensured, and dandruff is reduced.
  • Hair and skin are moisturized.
  • A fantastic treatment for sparse brows.
  • Get rid of the fungus infestation.

Skin Cafe has brought ‘Skin Cafe 100% Pure Castor Oil’ to offer varied hair and skin care along with other outstanding solutions related to your health. Skin Cafe always looks forward to rewarding you with much needed health benefits through its products and care.

100% Pure Castor Oil has witnessed users’ recovery from varied problems and has been providing cures to mitigate the tough ones. This dedicated care is the reason behind its great popularity and preference among the conscious users. The recent market explorations have found this praiseworthy note among the consumers like you.

This multi-tasking oil is infused with natural castor oil and other premium quality ingredients that are promised to give dedicated care to you. Its unique formula gives adequate nourishment to your skin with adequate moisture and alleviates fungal infection. It promotes hair growth removing dandruff and other impurities. In addition , hair is helped to hold pigment from turning gray or white. It gives an outstanding treatment to scanty eyebrows.


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