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Skin Cafe 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil


  • 10ml
  • Stops hair loss.
  • Helps increase hair growth.
  • Solves insomnia problem
  • Diminishes hypertension
  • Suitable for all skin type

‘Skin Cafe 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil’ offers varied skin solutions with 100% natural lavender extracts and is considered as an effective multi-tasker. The offered services are ensured by your trustable beauty concern, Skin Cafe.
It has been enjoying great demand and preference among the conscious users as they are being greatly benefitted by its use. This multi-tasking skin solution is free from any noxious ingredients to ensure your health and safety. The recent market analysis has confirmed the same outcomes as the regular users commented
The 100% pure natural extracts sourced from lavender plant and other premium quality ingredients are worthy of providing varied care to you and make you out of them. Its consistent application prevents hair loss ensuring adequate nourishment and moisture to scalp skin. It also relieves joint pain and solves insomnia along with minimizing hypertension and stress with linalool. It cares for eczema problems and serves as the remedy for cold and cough through using it to chest, back and neck. Have a good life with its benevolent services. Good luck.



  • Good for moisturizing our skin
  • Repair the damaged hair
  • Great for pain removal
  • Helps to get removal of your skin diseases
  • Makes our skin smooth


How to Use:

  • To use this on your hair, apply the oil directly on your hair and scalp
  • Massage the oil thoroughly all over your head
  • For pain relief rub the oil in that place
  • Your can use this oil with mix of olive oil
  • Use regularly to get the best result


Lavender essential oil has two major phytochemicals – linalool and its ester linalyl acetate.


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