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Golden Rose Wow Nail Color – 76


  • 6ml
  • Provides easy application
  • Long lasting formula
  • Available in many colours

The importance and exigence of using nail polish are known to all, especially to the womenfolk. As it is a great way to care for nails and women always search for the perfect one, the GOLDEN ROSE has introduced a new variant nail polish, named ‘ Golden Rose Wow Nail Color – 76’. It is available with four sets, each containing 10 bottles of polish colors. Each set contains each of the following colors: light rose pink, light pink, pale peach, dark brownish red, really red, pearlescent mauve, light taupe, pale rose pink, rose pink, and dark pink to give a pretty and perfect look.

The satisfaction level of the current users of this amazing maquillage item is high and they love the outcome of it through comparison with other nail polishes. customer opinions and market exploration portrays a good intrinsic value. In this regard, we are introducing ‘Golden Rose Wow Nail Color’ to meet your beauty demand.

The long-lasting formula, easy application, and fast dry make it above other nail polishes. Its mini 6mL (.20 oz) size with a flexible brush gives a convenient and precise application variety of colors. It is inexpensive to buy but rich in high quality.



  • Makes your nail beautiful
  • Keeps your nail from external damage
  • Fulfill the need for your makeup


How to Use:

  • Make sure your nail is fresh and clean
  • It will be easy if your clean your nail by using nail polish remover
  • Keep your nail dry
  • Apply the nail polish with the brush
  • Apply the nail polish evenly on your nail
  • Wait until it dried


Titanium oxide (black and darker shades), Titanium dioxide (white and lighter tints), ultramarine (blue), Chromium oxide (green), and Carmine (red), etc.

BRAND Golden Rose
LINE Go;den Rose Nail Polish


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