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  • Carex Protects Nourish Antibacterial Hand Wash With Honey Extract (250ml)

    • Cleans, care and protects your hands
    • Made with honey extract
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  • Dove Caring Hand Wash Cucumber & Green Tea Scent (250ml)

    Original price was: 300.00৳ .Current price is: 290.00৳ .
    • Deep cleansing hand wash with fresh cucumber and green tea scent.
    • Nourishes up to 10-layers deep to give you soft and smooth hands.
    • Helps replenish the skin’s natural lipids and has a skin-friendly pH.
    • Gives you touchable soft and smooth hands with every wash.
    • Mild and gentle formula that cares for your hands.
    • Contains one-fourth moisturizing cream.
    • Dermatologically recommended.
    • Suitable for daily use.
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  • Lifebuoy Handwash Care Pump (200ml)


    Sensitive skin demands a balance between protection and care.The formulation contains advanced germ protection ingredient,Active Naturol Shield, and gives 99.9% germ protection in just 10 seconds.

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  • Lux Handwash Rose and Almond Oil Pump (200ml)


    Crafted by the world’s best perfumers specially for Lux. Just one drop will reveal a bold new fragrance. Indulge in the creamy lather that envelops your hands to leave them feeling fresh, soft and fragrant for a long time.

    • Crafted by the world’s finest perfumers
    • For all skin types.
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  • Mediker SafeLife Hand Wash Pump Combo Pack (200ml X 2pcs)

    Original price was: 180.00৳ .Current price is: 150.00৳ .

    Mediker SafeLife Liquid Hand Wash and Soap’s unique superpower Nano Z™ Germ Kill technology known to protect from new age germs like virus, bacteria, fungi etc. The new range of handwashing products contain natural ingredients like Neem, which helps fight germs, and olives, which help keep the skin smooth and moisturized. The hand wash and soap with superpower germ protection contains no harmful ingredients.

    Country of Origin: Bangladesh.

    Barcode: 8 941174 01023 0

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  • Savlon Hand Wash Ocean Blue (250ml)


    Hand-washing with hand wash expels germs from hands. This ACI Savlon Hand Wash Ocean Blue 250ml forestalls contaminations since People often contact their eyes, nose, and mouth without acknowledging it. Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth and make us debilitated.

    The core value of Savlon Hand Wash is to ensure germ free hand and Moisturize them, Choice of fragrance & attractive packaging are the visible supporting value. Technically Savlon Hand Wash is differentiated from others being detergent based unlike others being soap based. Detergent based hand wash is a more expensive formulation and is considered as harmless to skin compare to soap based hand wash. Worldwide all the top leading brands are offering the additional value by providing detergent based hand wash with moisturizer.

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  • Sepnil Extra Mild Hand Wash Marigold Refill (180ml)


    Ordinary hand wash can only wash away the visible dirt or grime at most. However, your hands endure more than dirt every single day. Sepnil is fortified with essential ingredients that heal the invisible abrasions and scratches so your hands can remain at their best health! Besides healing, Sepnil is also effective against the invasion of bacteria on your hands. After you use Sepnil, your hands will not only be spotless clean but also smell fresh as daisy.

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  • Xpel Tea Tree Antibacterial Handwash (500ml)

    Original price was: 550.00৳ .Current price is: 440.00৳ .

    Tea Tree Hand Wash Is Made From Tea Tree Oil Which Is Natural Anti Bacterial And Natural Antiseptic. Help To Remove Germs & Leave Hands Soft And Refreshed Day After Day.

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  • Yusera Liquid Hand Wash Strawberry (300ml)


    Yusera Liquid Hand Wash helps maintain cleanliness and hygienic without any damage to your skin. Main ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, It’s added with vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Highly recommended for Sensitive and dry skin.

    • Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria.
    • Moisturizes your skin.
    • Softens skin.
    • Prevents moisture loss.
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